Welcome to Passion For Pets
We are now Under NEW Management
NEW Ownership
GRAND OPENING 19th May 2018

with a fresh new look!
The NEW Passion For Pets will NOT Sell live animals that would ordinarily be sourced from 'animals factories' such as cats and dogs.
Instead we will encourage pet adoption and as such we will hold regular pet adoption days.
We want to have relationships with reputable animal shelters and vets to ensure your animal adoption is ethical and there is a smooth transition for your new pet.
The New Passion For Pets wants to educate people and promote the proper care of animals, great and small.
We strongly believe that animals are just as important as people.
We will continue to maintain the VIP membership program and review the current VIP benefits to ensure our VIP members receive great value.
We will endeavour to contact all VIP member via email to keep you up to date with the progress of the review.
Please stay tuned for further news.