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About Passion for Pets

Welcome to Passion for Pets.


We are one of Victoia's last Independant Pet Shop with 1 GREAT store over 800 m2 of pets, Accessories and So Much More... We are 100% Australian Owned and operated and employ approx 10 Staff. All funds stay 100% in Australia - Guaranteed. By supporting your local independants, you are supporting Australia and your local community. Passion for Pets thanks all of our customers and appreciates your ongoing support. Thank You


When you visit our store, you'll love the vibe. We have 1 great location now since first opening in July 1996. we have enclosures for pups and kittens big enough to let you have a good look at them. A colourful selection of freshwater tropical and coldwater fish swimming happily in tanks. We also have plenty of other interesting pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hermit crabs and much more. 


Passion for Pets is your one-stop shop. Here you'll find everything you could want for your pet. The vast choice of housing includes kennels to shelter most breeds of dog. Bird cages in an array of shapes and sizes. An appealing range of competitively priced fish tanks. There's a great selection of bedding, specialised diet foods for pets of different ages, grooming and health aids, training accessories, toys, decorations, grooming and cleaning aids. Our staff are chosen for their love of pets and given training in animal care. They're ready to help with any problems you're having with your current pet or with choosing a new one.


If you haven't popped into our store yet, we would love to see you, and while you're there ask about our VIP (Very Important Pets) club Membership and our Frequent Buyers Club which will give you great instore and ongoing savings.