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Passion for Pets has a best friend for every family.

There are about 340 different breeds in the world, with new additions popping up every few years. At Passion Pets, we sell a range of breeds with puppies for sale that are suitable for all sorts of Melbourne families. So whether you're an active family looking for a Border Collie puppy, Labrador puppy or want a Cavoodle to laze on the couch with, we have puppies to suit you. Here is a selection of breeds we may have available, so if you see a puppy here that you like, please download the information sheet for more details. If you find that a breed is suitable, then check out our "Pets for Sale" for puppies currently in store.

Pure Breed Puppies

Pure breeds are essentially cultivated dogs that have come into existence as a result of selective breeding. By far and away, our most popular pure breed for sale in Melbourne are Labrador puppies. Athletic, playful and incredibly intelligent the Labrador is a great puppy for active families with lots of space. Alternatively, Border Collies are also a prime choice for families with children, or members who are after a companion to get out and about with. For less active families in the market for a pure breed a pug, whippet, or small terrier puppy is a great choice.

Designer Breed Puppies

Mixed breed dogs have become hugely popular in the last few years. This is where two purebreds are mixed together to create puppies that have the dominant qualities of both breeds. Our most popular designer puppies for sale in Melbourne are usually the Cavoodle breed. A Cavoodle is a Cavalier King Charles X Toy Poodle. So for an idea of what Cavoodles are like, please view both the Cavalier King Charles and the Poodle information sheets.

Not sure which breed suits you?

Puppies can be difficult to choose from, especially when they're all so cute, friendly and cuddly. It's still important, however, to ensure you choose the right companion for your household. If you have kids, be sure to opt for a dog that will be patient, obedient and gently. Labradors are a great choice for this. Border Collie puppies, on the other hand, require much more mental and physical stimulation, but make exceptionally loyal friends. For the ultimate all-rounder, Cavoodles are affectionate, extremely social and good-natured.

Mix breeds guide:

Jug = Jack Russell X Pug; Pugalier = Pug X Cavalier; Spoodle = Cocker Spaniel X Mini Poodle; Labradoodle = Labrador X Poodle; Moodle = Maltese X Toy Poodle.

The specific images below are just photos of the dog breed and are NOT of actual pups in stock, they are an image guide of the particular breed.

Want to find out more about the little ones we've got on offer? Get in touch with our Melbourne team on 03 9775 1361. We're always more than happy to give advice and answer questions.