Popular Cat Breeds

Popular cat Breeds

Cat Breed Information Sheets

Find the perfect feline to suit your Melbourne lifestyle with Passion for Pets. We have lots of kittens for sale to choose from, whether you want an affectionate Ragdoll kitten or an aloof Siamese, we have breeds to suit every lifestyle. Here is a selection of breeds we may have available, so if you see a kitten here that you like, please download the breed information sheet for more details. If you find that a breed is suitable, then check out our "Pets for Sale" page for kittens currently in our Melbourne stores.

Each breed of cat our Melbourne stores have for sale has its own distinct aesthetic, health and temperament attributes. It's important to think about what kind of cat you want in your home, and what kind of cat would be happy living with you. Here are some things to consider:

Hair: Ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne stores are incredibly popular but they shed, a lot. Consider how much shedding and coat maintenance you are willing to put up with, if the answer is minimal, then a shorthair breed like a Devon Rex or Russian Blue might be a better choice than a Ragdoll.  

Energy levels: Do you want a cat to play with or one that's a couch potato?
Noise: Siamese are incredibly vocal, whereas a Ragdoll is quiet and docile. Do you want a cat to talk to or one that's seen rather than heard?

Choosing the Right Kitten
There are a number of things to consider when choosing which kitten for sale you decide take home, it all comes down to knowing what to look for. Some things to do before picking your kitten:

•    Choose a healthy looking kitten that has bright eyes, a soft shiny coat and plenty of energy.
•    Look at how the kitten plays with its sibling, is it boisterous or reserved? Playful or lazy? Think about what kind of personality would best suit your lifestyle.
•    Ask about the parents. Often the temperament of the parents can indicate how the kitten will behave when it matures, if the mother has any distinct personality traits, they will likely be passed onto her offspring.

The specific images below are just photos of the cat breed and are NOT of actual kittens in stock, they are an image guide of the particular breed.