General Care and Maintenance Sheets


Prevention is better than cure!


With warmer weather nearly upon us, it's time to start thinking about ways to prepare your tanks for that first summer heat wave.

It's not difficult to keep the temperature under control in your tank.  Download the "Hot Weather Tips" guide below for advice on simple and inexpensive solutions to rising temperatures, and be prepared.


The following are Care Sheets Compliments of Aquarium Industries "We Care" about your fish:


Net Sterilisation

Possible Impact of Flood on Water

Steps to Recovering Fish Tanks from Flood Damage

White Spot - Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

General Hardness

Adding fish to home aquarium

Is your Aquarium Feng Shui?

Cold weather tips

Hot Weather Tips

Handling hazardous fish

Brackish Water Conditions

Hand Sanitisers and Other Chemicals

New Tank Syndrome


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