How long do animals live?

Animals life expectancy


Have you ever wondered how long an animal of a given species is expected to live? Well this weeks article will provide you with a list of animals with their average life spans. All species of animals that die naturally over a period of time can provide us with their life expectancy. This information gives us their average life span which can roughly tell us how long a particular animal specie can live. Since this is just an average life expectancy, no doubt you will always have some exceptions. You will definitely have a few animals exceeding their life span.

Some animals life span might seems very short while others are reasonable long when compared to other animal species. However, the average life expectancy of a given animal is determined by factors such as genetic make up, metabolic rate, body size, age of sexual maturity etc. It is important to note also that some domesticated animal can live longer or shorter than if they were living in their natural environment (habitat). The reason for this may be due to conditions such as new life style, change of diet, disease, predator (absent), etc. Therefore, in spite of the fact that many of these values given in the list below are based on records taken from various sources, it should not be seen as the absolute maximum lifespan.


Each breed of dog has its own life expectancy, with breeds such as Irish wolfhounds, bulldogs and Bernese mountain dogs being on the low end with average lifespans of six or seven years. At the other end of the spectrum are breeds such as Bedlington terriers, miniature dachshunds and poodles, Tibetan terrier and whippets, which have life expectancies of about 14 years. A life expectancy is not a maximum age, however, and many dogs can live for 20 years or more.


For cats, the main factor that determines life expectancy is whether they're indoor or outdoor cats. Outdoor cats generally live to be only four or five years old because they are more likely to catch viruses or to suffer some kind of trauma. Indoor cats, on the other hand, often can be expected to live 12-18 years.


Birds typically have a life expectancy of 10-30 years. The parrot family as a whole - including parakeets, cockatoos, macaws and cockateels - tends to live longer. These birds can have a lifespan of 70 years or more.


Animal Average Life Span of Animal (in years)
African Grey Parrot 50
Alligator 68
Amazon Parrot 80
American Alligator 56
American Box Turtle 123
American Newt 3
American Toad 15
Angleworm 15
Anole 3
Ant (Queen) 3
Ant (Worker) 1.5
Asian elephant 40
Bare Eyed Cockatoo 40
Bat 24
Bear 40
Beaver 20
Bee (Queen) 5
Bee (Worker) 1.5
Binturong 18
Bison 30
Blackbird 18
Boa Constrictor 23
Bottlenose Dolphin 20
Box Turtle 123
Budgerigar 18
Bull 28
Bull Frog 16
Bull Snake 18
Caiman 28
Camel 50
Canada Goose 33
Canary 20
Canvasback duck 19
Capybara 12
Carp 100
Cat 25
Catfish 60
Chicken 15
Chinchilla 20
Chimpanzee 40
Chipmunk 12
Cicada 17
Civet 13
Cobra 28
Cockatiel 32
Common Goldeneye 17
Congo Eel 27
Conure 25
Cottonmouth Mocassin 21
Cottontail 10
Cow 22
Crocodile 45
Deer 35
Dog, large 10
Dog 22
Domestic Pigeon 26
Donkey 45
Eagle 55
Eclectus Parrot 20
Eel 55
Egyptian Goose 28
Elephant 70
Elk 22
English Sparrow 23
Fence Lizard 4
Ferret 12
Flying Squirrel 14
Fox 14
Galah 26
Galapagos Land Tortoise 193
Gerbil 5
Giant Salamander 55
Giant Tortoise 152
Goat  15
Golden Hamster 4
Gorilla 20
Gouldian finch 6
Great Horned Owl 68
Green Frog 10
Grey Cheeked Parrot 15
Grey Squirrel 20
Grizzly bear 32
Grouse 10
Guinea Pig 8
Hare 10
Hellbender 29
Hippopotamus 45
Hog  18
Horse 40
House Mouse 4
Human 70-80
Humming Bird 8
Kangaroo 9
Koala 8
Leopard 17
Leopard Frog 6
Lion  35
Lobster 15
Macaw 50
Mallard 20
Mongoose 12
Mosquitofish 2
Mountain Lion 20
Mouse  4
Mudpuppy 9
Muscrat 6
Mynah  8
Newt 7
Norwegian Rat 4
Nutria  15
Opossum 4
Ox  20
Painted Turtle  11
Parrot 80
Pea Fowl  20
Pheasant  18
Pig (wild)  25
Pigeon  11
Pionus Parrot  15
Platypus  10
Polar bear 20
Porcupine  20
Prarie Dog  10
Quail  6
Rabbit  9
Rainbow Lorikeet 15
Rat Snake  23
Rattlesnake  22
Red Eared Turtle 7
Redhead Duck  17
Rhinoceros  40
Rosella  15
Sea Lion 14
Sheep 15
Snapping Turtle 57
South African Clawed Toad 15
Squirrel 16
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo 40
Superb Parrot 36
Swan  102
Tapir  30
Tasmanian Tiger 7
Teal  20
Tiger  22
Tiger Salamander 11
Toad  36
Toucan  6
Tree Frog  14
Trumpeter Swan 33
Turkey Buzzard 118
Whistling Duck 15
Wombat  15
Wolf  18
Woodchuck 15
Zebra Finch  17